NGO Madre Naturaleza, is an organization with 11 years of experience in the development of women in rural areas categorized in a situation of poverty or extreme poverty, without knowledge of crafts, or processes of making artisan products. Through training, it helps women to develop skills in different techniques according to the study of the region and the environment, starting from scratch.

NGO Madre Naturaleza, through the experience of training 7,000 women in 14 departments in 95 municipalities, developed its own MÁS VALUE methodology that achieves in a short period of time to make the student develop skills that I never imagined and to undertake production in less scale and commercialization.

The groups are made up of women between the ages of 18 and 50, where the experience has been that adult women are the most productive and responsible, than the youngest.

The training processes are focused on the elaboration of a part of the product since they currently do not have the necessary equipment to be able to deliver a complete garment with the finishes that the market demands.

For this reason, the products are transferred to the final finishing workshops of Madre Naturaleza where they are finished and packed and taken to the different stores where they are exhibited by the marketer LARAH S.A. who is the commercial face, represented by the Vesta brand who is the commercial face that allows the products to be sold in retail chains, represented by the Vesta brand, the brand of Guatemalan artisans.